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GMP, HACCP & Organic Certified

Our factory operates a world-class production unit, R&D division and quality control. Facilities are GMP & HACCP certified. Our organic products are certified by USDA and EU.

100% Vegetarian
0% Heavy Metals

All products are completely vegetarian and are rigorously tested for 0% heavy metals and aflatoxins.

Made with Love

There is a saying that the chef's state of mind effects the quality of the food. We are proud that our herbs are prepared in a calm, happy environment, by specialists who all meditate and love what they do. 

Socially Sustainable

Proceeds from the sale of products are directed to social initiatives around the world. Projects include women empowerment, natural disaster aid, free schooling and rural development.

Ayurvedic Consultation

Do you know your ayurvedic body type?

Aliments arise in the body when your Ayurvedic doshas are imbalanced.
  • Pita (Fire & Water)

    Pitta is the combination of fire and water elements, fire being dominant. Pitta is fierce like fire, light, mobile and flowing. It is usually associated with the digestive system. Some functions of Pitta include enhancing hunger reflex, vision, body heat, thirst reflex and complexion.

  • Vata (Air & Ether)

    Vata is the combination of ether and air elements, air being dominant. Vata is like wind, with the nature of being light, mobile, dry, cold, and subtle. Some functions of Vata in our body are breathing, mobility of limbs, blinking of eyes and enabling natural urges. 

  • Kapha (Earth & Water)

    Kapha is formed by water and earth elements, earth being dominant. The nature of Kapha is moist, cold, heavy, slow and stable. Kapha in balanced state provides stability, lubrication of joints and forbearance.


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