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Enhance your natural beauty with herbs

How do you get beautiful skin? We search for all natural skin care to treat acne, reduce ageing, dry skin, wrinkles and spots! Ladies (and gents!) how many times have we tried different solutions to get the perfect glow and enhance our beauty! I mean, who doesn’t want to get rid of spots. I’m happy to tell you that by understanding Ayurveda and use of the correct herbs it can be possible.

The largest organ in our body is skin. The skin is also a sense organ helping the brain to respond to external stimulations. Our health, youth, vitality are reflected by our skin. As per Ayurveda there are three types of skin according to Dosha dominance.

Have a look at our natural cosmetics.

Vata skin type will be dry, thin, delicate, and cool in temperature. Vata skin type will be affected by windy, cold weather and if not taken care properly will become very dry, rough as well as developing wrinkles. This skin type tends to age faster than other types. Regular application of oils or essential oils like almond/olive will help a lot to prevent premature ageing and wrinkles.

Pitta skin type will be fair, sensitive, soft and warm in temperature. Pitta skin type is more prone to freckles, moles and is affected by change in body heat as well. If not taken care properly, acne, other skin eruptions, blemishes or rashes can occur. Cooling and nurturing remedies are to be used regularly for a pitta skin. Certain applications can be very useful for balancing pitta skin such as oils (made with Sandal or saffron), application of Aloe Vera in raw form or medicated form or Manishta (Rubia cordifolia).

Kapha skin type will be oily, thick, cool in temperature and soft. Kapha skin type tends to age slowly compared to other skin types. If Kapha is imbalanced the skin will become oilier. This skin is also prone to blackheads, enlarged pores, pimples, water retention or puffiness. Application of fuller’s earth or rose water will keep excess oil in check. Cucumber or yogurt can also help to cleanse the Kapha skin. Additionally, almond oil has been known to help towards Kapha skin imbalance. I would also recommend exfoliation with herbal powders to help maintaining Kapha skin.

Generally, Ayurveda recommends for all dosha constitutions regular application of oil on the body. This can keep your skin young, removes fatigue, dryness and body pain. Internal supplements and Ayurvedic treatments can be taken for any imbalances. To fully understand the best internal and external solutions, a proper Ayurvedic consultation with a practitioner is recommended.

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