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Find the Root Cause of Your Health Concerns

Lifestyle and nutrition consultations based on the oldest health system in the world

Holistic healthcare for a balanced body and mind

Rather than simply treating the symptoms of illness or imbalance, Ayurveda identifies and targets the root cause of the concern. 

We look at your health in a holistic sense - not only your physical, but also your mental and emotional health. Your individual constitution is taken into account, along with current imbalances, their presumed causes and the current season.   

You are unique. That’s why you will receive individual recommendations for your diet, lifestyle and stress management, tailored to your personal situation. The natural recommendations serve to bring the existing imbalances back into balance and to keep the body and mind healthy.

Ayurveda has two goals. The first is prevention, where it provides support for healthy people to remain healthy. We don’t have to wait until we get sick to take an interest in our health. The second goal is to support people with current health imbalances that manifest themselves as symptoms or diseases to get back to optimal health.

Disclaimer: I fully understand that this video consultation or any consultation and their results are exclusively wellness oriented to empower an individual for a healthy life. I further acknowledge that this consultation is not for diagnosis for any disease or disorder and no medical substance or treatment will be prescribed. I do hereby release, indemnify, save and hold harmless Sri Sri Tattva, and its affiliated organisations VVM, Shankara Inc, Physicians and Ayurvedic Practitioners (Vaidyas) or consultants, and their directors, officers, employees, staff, agents, volunteers, consultants and contractors from and against any and all claims, liabilities, damages, or losses.


“The consultation was very helpful for me. The Ayurveda expert was empathetic, clear and directly explained what happens in my body and mind based on Ayurvedic teaching. Since I studied medicine, I was amazed at the delicacy of the diagnosis and the precise explanation, which I was able to correlate with clinical pictures in conventional medicine. I feel very well cared for and can learn a lot here about prevention and healthy living!”

Dr. Julia Stenzel

“I just heard about Ayurveda and wanted to try it out. Amazed at how the Ayurveda practitioner knew my symptoms and illness just by hearing my voice and seeing me over a Zoom Call. I detoxed my full system and I am feeling so much better.”


“I got all the needed suggestions for a healthy lifestyle, food, and the herbal supplements that are best for my body type. Great relief with no side effects!”



Strengthen your immune system
Optimise your diet and nutrition based on your body’s needs
Improve your digestion and metabolism
Balance your hormones
Improve your sleep quality
Effective stress management
Increase your energy level
Establish a balanced lifestyle

About Vaidya Amrutha Nambiar

Dr Amrutha Nambiar
More than 10 years experience as an Ayurvedic Vaidya
Holds a Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery
Expert in Panchakarma & Nadi Pariksha
Holistic Lifestyle & Wellness Consultant

Frequently Asked Questions

Since ancient times, the practice of Ayurveda has helped people with all known health concerns. In the ancient scriptures it is said that any prolonged imbalance amongst the elements in our body can manifest into illness. Our practitioners focus on the root causes of these imbalances.

Ayurveda is complementary to any other options that you may be pursuing. Many appreciate the complementary nature of how plants and lifestyle changes can help speed your journey to recovery or reach your full potential.

This can vary depending on the condition and on how easily we can implement the suggestions from the Ayurveda Practitioner.

Ayurveda can always help support an optimal and healthy lifestyle.

Ayurveda practitioners use numerous tools online to help determine one’s imbalance including visual and audio cues, combined with discussion, to help determine the body’s imbalance.

Online consultations can take up to 30 minutes. 

Please do not drink or eat anything 2.5 hours prior to your consultation.

Yes, you can pay by credit card.

Please email for any questions or support.

Both adults and children can benefit from an Ayurveda Consultation.

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